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Mothership Stage

Updated as of March 31, 2019


Measures: 20’ across the front of usable space, 18 feet across the back. 16 feet deep measured at center. 18 inches high off the dance floor. These measurements leave an approximate 4’x10’ space stage left for a side wing, located mostly behind the house right PA stack and next to the stage ramp.


Per side: L'Accoustics DV-Dosc (6, flown), DV-Sub (2), SB218 (8). Powered by Lab Gruppen FP3400 and FP6400 amps. Processing handled by xta-dp226. SB218’s aux send handled on the console side.


12x JBL 612 wedges, 1x drum stack (15” two way on top of a 18” sub), 10 stage wedges available total, 9 mono mixes available on snake. Monitors are usually run from FOH, but we can provide a 32 channel split snake, monitor console (Midas M 32) and engineer in house if advanced properly.


Midas M32, SB218 Subs run on mono aux. Monitors are (usually) run from FOH. 32x12 analog snake (32x8 after L/R/Sub/fill).

Mic pack:

6x Sm57, 2x beta sm57, 3x sm58, 2x beta sm58, 1x beta 52, 1x audix d6, 2x d4, 2x d2, 2x adx51, 1x i5, 1x EV RE320. DI: 4x mono radial passive, 3x stereo radial passive. We generally have enough stands/clips and xlr’s in house for most shows.


Basic stage package with (flown) 6 led front washes (chauvet colorado), 1 chauvet core 3x3 led rear wash. Lighting control is done off a touchscreen and/or APC40 at FOH.


Lights: 2x 20 amp lighting circuits, located up stage right and stage left on the other side of stage ramp. This does not include our in house lights which use their own (single) circuit, routed to the ceiling. Spare 20 amp circuit available on ramp side but shared with green room. Audio: 3x 20 amp circuits across 6 dropped double outlets up stage, located in floor boxes. 4x 20 amp circuits located across downstage. All P.A. power is handled on its own breakers.


1x Fender twin reverb, 1x Ampeg 8x10 cabinet with Ampeg svt classic amp.

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